Lantern & Spark's Candlelight Contest

Every few months TotLS holds a short story writing contest. We collaborate with other influential blogs/bloggers for special prizes and guest judges. Abigail Harder is the official story judge, but she never works alone! Expect to see familiars around the writing community who will comprise the rest of the judges and select which one of your stories will be the winner.

Fall 2019 Winner: The Wolf and the White Rose by Hannah Schuck

2020 Winter Story Contest

Check out THIS POST by Jorja!

This contest’s story theme is FAIRYTALES. Yes, that was Merie’s idea (if you couldn’t already tell). What YOU’RE going to do is click THIS FORM and sign up for the contest. What WE’RE going to do is send you the fairytale we’ve chosen for you to write a short retelling of it (as well as a link to the story so you can read it online, if you request it). You should have your fairytale within a week of signing up!

Signups close February 1st

Submissions must come in by March 12th

Results will be out March 29th!

After you’ve received your fairytale, you’re free to write and submit before the close date. 😉


Story Guidelines

Short stories submitted to Tales of the Lonely Sun for any contest must follow all guidelines listed below. Please review these guidelines carefully before submitting; we don’t want to turn your story down! That can only be avoided if you make sure your story meets these specifications.

For submission, your story must…

  • Be at a maximum of 5,000 words. All of us have lives and busy schedules, and we’d rather not go through hundreds of pages of work! Writing a great story under a low word count is part of the challenge.
  • Follow the guidelines for the Lonely Sun emblem. Our goal is to spread stories with hope, not doom. While we have nothing against dark stories in general, we do not accept them if they are purely grim and dark and contain no mention or possibility of hope.
  • Be CLEAN. We do not accept stories with explicit or inappropriate content. We expect all stories submitted to be family-friendly, which means no language, graphic violence, or innuendos.

Before Submitting:

1. Read Jorja’s post HERE as an introduction!

2. Sign up using the form above or CLICK HERE to sign up

3. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll review your entry, and you should get an email back from us within a week. We’ll include the prompt you’ve been assigned.

4. Ready, set, write!

We look forward to reading everyone’s stories!